Apache Maven is a De facto project management and comprehension tool for Java Developers. Maven (and other build automation tools such as Gradle) helps Java developers to build ava application, manage project dependencies (Java Developers do not need to manual manage different versions of jar files anymore), simplify Build and Packaging process, and better collaboration in the team.

This article shows how to setup the Real-Time applications project with with Maven using Refinitiv Real-Time SDK as an example library.

Maven Project

What is Refinitiv Real-Time SDK?

The Refinitiv Real-Time SDK Family (RTSDK C++ and Java Editions, formerly known as Elektron SDK) is a suite of modern and…


Today, each company does not limit the sale target just only their region. All companies expand their customers across global thanks to the efficiency of the internet and transportation that connects customers from all over the world to the company.

However, each country has different preferences and habits that affect sales performance and revenue. Understand geographic sales breakdown help company and investor analyze the revenue from each geographic region to prepare the investment decision or manage the sale strategy for each region.

The article uses geographic breakdown sale revenues of the semiconductor companies such as Advanced Micro Devices, Intel and…


Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language developed by Jetbrains that runs on the Java virtual machine. Kotlin is a first-class programming language on Android OS. Kotlin interpolates with Java code and is reliant on Java code from the existing Java Class Library/Framework. Kotlin syntax aims for reducing Java language verbosity and complexity. The language is also designed with Java Interoperability in mind. Existing Java code can be naturally called from Kotlin.

This article shows how to implement the Real-Time Streaming Client (aka Consumer) and Real-Time Streaming server (aka OMM Provider or just Provider) applications with Kotlin programming language. The application…


With the rise of Data Scientists, Financial coders, Casual Developers, or Traders (aka Citizen Developers), and the rapid growth of Jupyter application, Jupyter Notebook and its next-generation, JupyterLab is a de-facto tool of those Citizen Developers. Thanks to the IPython kernel, Notebook provides a powerful interactive shell, interactive data visualization, embedded documentation, and supports various programming languages such as Python (native supported), R, Julia, and much more.

The Notebook application is easier to use when comparing to other traditional IDEs (Integrated development environment) or Editors. Citizen Developers do not need much programming language or technology experience to use the Notebook…


With the rise of Data Scientists, Financial coders, or Traders (aka Citizen Developers), the Pandas library has become the defacto tool for data analysis with Python programming language. Pandas is powerful, flexible, has excellent community support, and it keeps improving. However, developers require a great skill of Python and the library to using Pandas efficiently. This learning curve makes some developers and data scientists stuck with the “coding” time instead of “analysis” time.

PandasGUI is the Graphical User Interface tool that can solve this learning curve issue. The tool wraps Pandas functions into an easy to use data analytic tool…


This article is the second part of the series that demonstrate how to export financial data and report from Python/Jupyter application to Excel report file using xlwings CE and xlwings Pro libraries. The demo applications use content from Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP) as an example dataset.

If you are not familiar with xlwings library or xlwings CE, please see more detail on first part article.

This second notebook is focusing on xlwings Reports, Embedded Code, and PDF features.

Note: All figures and reports demonstrate Time-Series 90 days data queried on 24th November 2020.

Introduction to xlwings

xlwings is a Python library that makes…


Visual Studio Code (or just VSCode) is a free source code editor developed and maintained by Microsoft. This cross-platform editor took over developers’ popularity based on its fast and lightweight, supports a variety of programming languages with IntelliSense (a feature that borrows from its sibling, Visual Studio IDE), and supports complete development operations like debugging, task running, and version control.

VSCode also supports a lot of extensions that extend the editor features and development workflow such as code linters or add new language support, etc. …


With the rise of Data Scientists, Financial coders or Traders (aka Citizen Developers), and the rapid growth of Jupyter application, the main target of every Citizen Developer is replacing Microsoft Excel with the Jupyter application (reference: Jupyter is the new Excel).

However, Excel is not obsolete and is still an important file-format/application for businesses. It is easy to distribute, and non-IT people (especially your boss) can open it easily rather than having to setup a Jupyter/Python environment.

This article is the first part of the series that will demonstrate how to export financial data and reports from the Python/Jupyter application…


We are living in the cloud age. Developers do not need to set up their own local machine or dedicate on-premise environment to implement, test and run their application, they just create a VM machine on the cloud to perform those tasks.

In the financial world, what would you need to get the actual update of the stock price that you just bought? You can use your phone to watch it live with any apps, but was it live? And as a developer, how do we transfer such data to the hands of app users.

In the past, in order…

Wasin Waeosri

Developer Advocate at Refinitiv, an LSEG business.

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